I recently pulled together this list of Father’s Day cookies because why not?! After all, dads can’t resist cookies!
I don’t know about you, but for me, Father’s Day is one of the most challenging holidays for me to celebrate, and that’s not because I don’t love my dad.
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I adore my dad!

However, he’s extremely difficult to buy for, has everything, and doesn’t really need anything.
Luckily, we both love food, so Father’s Day brunch has become our thing. 
And a big part of Father’s Day brunch are Father’s Day cookies. Over the years, there have been some hits, and there have been some misses.
This list, though, is 100% hits. I hope you enjoy it! 

As you can probably already tell by the name, these sweet treats have a lot going on — M&Ms, chopped Oreo cookies, and a light brown sugar cookie base. 
These are sweet, crumbly, crunchy, and chewy, and each bite seems to taste better and more flavor-filled than the one before it.
They’re also colorful enough to liven up any table, and you can make them with only seven ingredients in less than an hour.

Nothing says, “I love you, Dad,” quite like colorful cookies with mustaches and neckties on them. 
Okay, so there are probably better ways to say, “I love you, Dad.”
But still, these cookies are a lot of fun, regardless!
Plus, the necktie ones have this unique sweet and sour taste (from the Oreos and the Airheads) that’s surprisingly good. 
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The mustache ones are purely sweet, but those mustaches look so cool that it makes up for their lack of sour tang. 
Also, these are much easier to make than you’d think, so don’t panic because they’re “artsy.”

If your dad is a true classic, he deserves a classic cookie with a taste, texture, and aroma that’s withstood the test of time, just like him.
These DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies are those cookies. They’re soft and moist, and each bite is chock full of chocolate, walnuts, and brown sugar. 
These are easily the best chocolate chip cookies you’ll ever eat, and your dad deserves nothing less than the best on his special day.

Of course, if your dad is a classic dad who happens to prefer peanut butter to chocolate chip, these old-fashioned Jif peanut butter cookies might be more his style.
These are the rich, decadent peanut butter cookies your gramma used to make, criss-cross fork imprints and all.
Help transport Dad back to his childhood with these delicious delicacies.

Give dad a good chuckle next Father’s Day with these crazy, tasty hamburger cookies. 
All you’ll need to make them are Nilla Wafers, York Peppermint Patties, shredded coconut (dyed green), yellow, red, and white candy melts, melted butter, and sesame seeds.
The wafers are the buns; the peppermint patties are the meat; the coconut is the lettuce, and the red candy melts take care of your condiments.
The sesame seeds add extra authenticity. 
These crunchy cookies look fantastic, and they taste great, too, with just the right amount of buttery goodness.

If your dad’s the kind of man who likes to have it all, don’t force him to choose between his favorite flavors on Father’s Day.
Instead, make him a cookie that has it all rolled into one. 
This copycat recipe is for Panera’s famous Kitchen Sink Cookies, and they really do have just about everything but the kitchen sink in them. 
Along with common baking ingredients – butter, sugar, eggs, etc. – there are also semisweet chocolate chunks, milk chocolate chunks, pretzels, toffee, and sea salt. 
These are chewy, crunchy, sweet, salty, and every other good adjective you can think of to describe a cookie. I love them, and your dad will, too. 

Do you go through that endless cycle of eating something sweet and then needing something salty to “get the sweet taste out” of your mouth? 
Then needing something sweet to get the salty taste out, as well?
Yeah, I think we all do that.
Luckily, these cookies are the answer to that problem because they contain both the sweet (chocolate chip) and the salty (potato chips) in one delicious package!
You read that correctly. Each one of these soft, moist chocolate chip cookies has a ton of crushed potato chips in it, giving you and dad the best of both worlds.

If your dad is a huge football fan, all you’ll need is flour, salt, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla, chocolate and vanilla frosting, and a round cookie cutter to make him the ideal Father’s Day cookie. 
One additional cut to round cookies will turn them into perfectly shaped footballs.
Then, you’ll just have to cover them with chocolate and make the laces with vanilla frosting. 
The process is super simple, and it shouldn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes to prepare them. They’re crispy, buttery, chocolatey, and delicious. 
Most importantly, they’re footballs!

These crumbly, chewy cookies are sugary and full of yummy peanut butter flavor, and that’s before you stick a rich Hershey’s Kiss in the middle of each one. 
Once you do that, they’re pretty much the perfect cookie; after all, who can say no to the unbeatable combination of chocolate and peanut butter?
(Not many people, in my experience.)
Even better, you can make a whole batch of these in less than 30 minutes with six simple ingredients.

If you think your dad is the #1 World’s Best Dad, why not tell him?!
And with this recipe, you can tell him with cookies, and that’s the best way to deliver a message I’ve ever seen. 
Most of the ingredients to make the cookies are pretty standard. You’ll just making simple vanilla cookies.
The decorations require a little more stuff, though.
You’ll need colorful ribbons, ready-to-roll icing, icing sugar, food coloring, edible glitter, icing pens, and any other decorations you want to use to make these medal cookies as memorable and beautiful as possible.
Making these may take a little time and effort, but if your dad isn’t worth it on Father’s Day, then no one is.

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