Irish eyes will definitely be smiling on St Paddy’s Day with these tempting Irish cocktails.
Whether you want to reconnect with your Irish roots, throw a classy St Patrick’s cocktail party, or are just looking to sip something new, these recipes will give you plenty of inspiration.
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From the fruity to the fiery, there’s a drink to match every taste and mood, so no one goes home disappointed.
There are 10 amazing recipes to choose from here. Try a tart Irish maid, a fruity Irish blonde, or a decadent Irish coffee.
A word of warning, though — these cocktails are so good, it’s easy to get carried away. 
One minute you’re enjoying an elegant Irish Manhattan, the next, you’re guzzling an Irish mule and seeing leprechauns.

This cocktail might not change your fortunes, but you’ll definitely feel lucky drinking it.
A vibrant, eye-catching green, this is perfect for a patriotic party.
Serve it up at St Paddy’s Day, and your guests will love the sweet combination of whiskey, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and lime soda.
Garnish with a cherry and a few fresh mint sprigs to keep things classy.

Smooth Irish whiskey and bubbly ginger beer are the best team. If you don’t believe me, get a glass of this delicious Irish mule.
Based on the classic Moscow mule, which was invented in New York rather than Moscow, this recipe reclaims the drink for the Emerald Isle.
Replacing the traditional vodka with Irish whiskey is a winning move, bringing lovely peaty notes to the tangy taste.
Finished off with fresh lime, this tart tipple comes with a kick. Much like a mule. 
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Green beer on St Patrick’s Day is so 1999. Do yourself a favor and switch to this gorgeously green, sophisticated drink.
It has just 5 ingredients, but don’t let that fool you, as this Irish maid is full of refreshing and fruity taste.
It’s a botanical blend of elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, honey, and Irish whiskey. 
And there’s a magic ingredient in there too – muddled cucumber. This unusual addition lends a juicy, crisp taste that’ll have you pouring a second glass.

This Manhattan gets an Irish twist with the addition of smooth Jameson Whiskey.
Rich and dark, the spirit blends perfectly with the classic Manhattan ingredients – sweet vermouth, bitters, and cherries to garnish.
You can use any aromatic bitters here, but this recipe recommends cherry, smoked orange, and alpine.
Pour it into a martini glass, shake, don’t stir, and pretend you’re the Irish James Bond.

Coffee in Ireland isn’t just an energy-boosting beverage, it’s also a boozy dessert-like treat.
This recipe shows you how it’s done. Start with a base of rich, freshly roasted dark coffee.
Add a jigger of Irish whiskey to give smoky depth, then finish it off with even more booze (this time Irish cream liqueur).
Top everything with a pile of whipped cream and a dash of nutmeg and you’re done.
All that’s left to do is sip and savor this amazing winter warmer.

As with most cocktails, the success of this delicious drink depends on the ingredients.
Use a good quality rye whiskey for this hearty ale, and top it off with an authentic ginger beer.
Not the sickly, soda kind. The sharp, tart, spicy, sweet kind, made with real ginger root with just a hint of sugar.
Trust me, it’s worth it. Fizzy, frothy, and lip-smacking, this refreshing cocktail is a keeper.
Don’t just save it for St Patrick’s Day, serve it on warm afternoons, lazy weekends, and chilled-out evenings.

You don’t have to make the trip to a Dublin pub to enjoy this Irish classic. 
With this foolproof recipe, you can make the traditional tipple right in your own kitchen.
It’s made with Guinness and champagne, and if that sounds odd, be brave and give it a go. 
You’ll be surprised at how well stout and fizzy wine pair together.
The Guinness gives this drink a strong kick and smoky bite while the champagne lightens the mood with plenty of boozy bubbles.
It’s ideal for any kind of celebration – New Year’s Eve, birthdays, or quiet nights celebrating your favorite TV show in your PJs.

Rich and sharp, this cocktail is wickedly smooth and subtly sweet. 
Kahlua and whiskey are stirred together and flavored with orange liqueur and orange bitters.
That touch of citrus is the perfect balance to the strong alcohol, taking the edge off this powerful drink. 
Savor it after dinner as a gentle way to unwind and relax after a long day.

Cocktails don’t have to be complicated. And you definitely don’t need to be a pro bartender to whip up an irresistible drink.
This super-simple recipe involves just a few ingredients – whiskey, creme de menthe, Irish cream, and cream. 
Shake everything up in a cocktail shaker (or jar if you don’t have one), pour, and enjoy. It’s that easy!
And it’s great for gatherings, too. An eye-catching turquoise color, it grabs attention and demands to be tasted.

This Irish blonde is more of a redhead, with a fiery temperament to match.
Bright and sharp, it’s a blend of Irish whiskey, orange curacao, sherry, and orange bitters.
Serve this one in a martini glass and with a twist of fresh orange. I guess it’s true – blondes do have more fun.

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