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17 Easy Crown Royal Cocktails – NutriVoz

Crown Royal cocktails aren’t nearly as well-known as straight Crown, Crown on the Rocks, or Crown and Coke.
Even among non-drinkers, that purple velvet bag with the gold lettering is pretty recognizable, but although Crown Royal is a popular drink, many people don’t know how to drink it. 
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Still, whether they realize it or not, there are plenty of other options out there for Crown drinkers, and this list of 17 Crown Royal cocktails will prove that once and for all. 
So sit back and relax, and hopefully, you’ll find a new way to enjoy an old favorite. Believe it or not, there are even a few sweet options on the list! 

The old-fashioned is such a simple drink, and it’s become a staple of American bar culture.
To make this version of the famous cocktail, you’ll only need Crown Royal, simple syrup, and bitters. 
It’s strong, slightly bitter, and has earthy undertones that let you know you’re drinking “a real drink,” as my dad would say. 
The whiskey taste comes through loud and clear, though, so if you need to mask the alcohol flavor in your drinks, this isn’t the one for you. 

And of course, I wasn’t going to have a list of Crown Royal cocktails and not add Crown and Coke to it. Classics are classics for a reason, after all. 
Serve it neat or over ice, and add the optional lemon wedge if you like.
Either way, there will never be any shortage of people who’ll take this drink when it’s offered. 

If you’re looking for something a little sweeter and fruitier, try this peachy treat instead. 
With Brut champagne, Crown Royal Peach, peach mango (or pineapple) juice, and fresh fruit and peach gummy rings for garnishes, this drink is like a summer day in Georgia. 

Although this drink isn’t quite as peachy as the one above, it still has a terrific dose of peach flavor from the Crown Royal Peach and peach schnapps. 
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You’ll also add cream soda to this one, though, which gives it a deeper depth of sweetness and tones down the peachiness somewhat.
It tastes best when served on ice.

This 5-minute drink is for those people, like me, who can’t get enough of fall flavors, no matter what time of year it is. 
You’ll start with a base of Crown Royal Apple Whisky and caramel sauce. To that, you’ll add apple cider, ginger ale, and a dash of ground cinnamon. 
Be sure to use extra caramel sauce and brown sugar for the rim first. It makes the drink even sweeter and more flavorful. 

This slightly sweet/slightly bitter, entirely fruity drink is simply a Crown and Coke, but with a Cherry Coke and fresh cherries twist. 
If you go light on the sugar as the recipe directs, you’ll still get a nice kick of whiskey bitterness in the drink.
If that’s not your thing, double up on the sugar until the cocktail suits your tastes.

If you like drinks that’ll make your mouth pucker, you can’t go wrong with the traditional whiskey sour.
However, if you want a slight tanginess added in, use this recipe for a blackberry whiskey sour.
You’ll still use Crown, lemon juice, and lemons, but you’ll also add an ounce of blackberry brandy and some fresh blackberries.
They add a deep, rich flavor to the drink that makes it somehow sour, sweet, and tangy all at the same time.

If you’re looking for a cocktail that will get you buzzed and chase away any lingering sinus troubles or head colds, the Gold Rush is the one for you. 
You’ll make it with Crown, honey syrup, lemon juice, bitters, and a lemon twist. It has a potent, slightly medicinal taste that nonetheless is pleasing. 

This vibrant red drink is fruity and bittersweet. It tastes a lot like punch, only there’s a more robust liquor flavor that comes through pretty strongly.
It requires only four ingredients – Crown, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, and ice – and takes no more than 5 minutes to make. 
Add some maraschino cherries and an orange twist for garnishes, and you’re all set.
Just be sure to give your guests fair warning. This drink is much stronger than the punch it resembles. 

This gorgeous golden drink is bubbly, fizzy, and fun. It tastes primarily like Crown, although the soda water helps tone down the bite a little. 
(You can also add ginger ale if you want to sweeten the drink some.)
The lemon wedge doesn’t add much flavor, but it looks nice atop the sparkling beverage. 

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge fan of Crown Royal Peach. It just tastes so good.
Anyway! This drink is another variation on the Crown and Coke, but you’ll use Crown Royal Peach and Sprite instead of Coke.
You get a similar sweet and smoky flavor, but this one is fruitier and far more citrusy. 

This is another lovely red drink that most people won’t believe contains Crown.
For having only two ingredients – Apple Crown and cranberry juice – it’s surprisingly strong. 
The flavor, though, is light and fruity, and the cranberry flavor does come through, as well. 

I’ll be honest, I was skeptical that any drink could improve on the original White Russian. It’s a drink that’s always been near and dear to my heart. 
But this salted caramel Crown Royal version just might have done the trick, and you can make it with only three ingredients – Crown Royal Salted Caramel, coffee liqueur, and cream. 
(You can use milk, but I think cream tastes better.)
It’s a creamy, rich drink that’s unbelievably sweet and tasty. It’s hard to tell there’s even any alcohol in it. 

This drink is almost exactly like the Crown Apple and cranberry listed above, but for this one, you’ll also add a few ounces of Sprite (or another lemon-lime soda). 
It doesn’t significantly change the flavor, although it sweetens it just a bit.
However, it does add a pleasantly fizzy, bubbly look to the drink. It also turns it a lovely light pink color that’s always fun. 

If a blackberry whiskey sour isn’t your thing, make yourself the more traditional version instead. 
All you’ll need is your favorite bottle of Crown, freshly squeezed lemon juice, ice, and pure maple syrup.
(Simple syrup works fine, too, though the maple gives it more of an oak taste.)
The drink is tart and herby, and even though it’ll make your lips pucker, you’ll probably still love it, anyway. 

Mimosas are so easy to make; all that’s in them is orange juice and champagne.
However, they aren’t strong enough for some people, especially when they really want to party. 
Remedy that by adding an ounce of Crown to each mimosa.
The drinks retain their brilliant orange hues and tangy orange juice flavor, but there’s a real kick to them. 
Be aware that adding Crown will intensify the overall alcohol taste of the mimosas, though. 

When it comes to a one-two punch, you just can’t beat alcohol and caffeine. That’s why coffee-based cocktails are so popular. 
This one combines Crown Royal Vanilla, coffee liqueur, amaretto, and two whole ounces of cold brew coffee. 
If you’re more of a black coffee drinker, you can use regular Crown Royal and leave out the amaretto, but keep the recipe as-is if you like your coffee sweet and thick. 
It’s cool, creamy, and caffeinated; that’s a pretty great combination.