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20 Simple Aperol Cocktails – Insanely Good – NutriVoz

Although it’s not as popular in the United States as it might be, Aperol is a staple of Italian aperitifs, and the variety of Aperol cocktails available is astounding.
Aperol has a beautiful, bright orange color and is made from rhubarb, gentian, and cinchona.
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It’s sweet and zesty and tastes like vanilla-infused orange juice with plenty of pungent herbs.

Its unique flavor means that Aperol cocktails also have distinct, sometimes hard-to-describe tastes ranging from bitter to sweet, tangy to tart.
There’s one thing for sure, though.
No matter which Aperol cocktail you try, you’re in for a refreshing drink experience that’s probably unlike anything else you’ve tasted.

If you’re a fan of the orange blossom cocktail, you’ll probably like this one, as well. It combines Aperol and gin for a distinctly orange blossom flavor. 
However, you’ll also add lime juice, simple syrup, and soda water for an extra bit of bubbly zestiness.

If bittersweet and herby is more your style, try the fizzy Aperol grapefruit cocktail instead.
It’s a lovely sparkling drink (thanks to the Prosecco and tonic water) with a bite. 
The grapefruit juice comes through strongly in this drink, and if you muddle the thyme sprig, you’ll get hints of it, as well.

The paper plane cocktail is the ideal after-dinner drink.
It’s quick and easy to make, and it features mild ingredients that give it a light, palette-cleansing taste.

This cocktail is a slightly sweeter, more tropical version of the traditional Aperol spritz.
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It features a sparkling, peachy-orange color and a pineapple- and orange-heavy taste.
You can make it in 5 minutes with only four ingredients, but don’t forget to add the slice of pineapple for a garnish. It makes it look nicer, and it tastes fantastic.

Thanks to the grapefruit juice, this lovely reddish-pink cocktail is sweet, fruity, and just a touch bitter. 
The lime juice also adds a bright burst of zestiness that makes it sweeter than the fizzy Aperol grapefruit cocktail above.

This may not look (or taste) like the traditional Cosmo, but that doesn’t make it any less tasty.
It has a vibrant, tangy flavor that features vodka and notes of citrus.
It’s also a strikingly bright orange that looks fantastic against the green of the lime peel garnish.

Italy’s famous Aperol spritz is a gorgeous drink that looks like sunshine in a glass.
It’s a light cocktail that’s delightfully refreshing and not likely to get you drunk.
This recipe is the traditional one for it; all you’ll need is Aperol and Prosecco.
It does, however, taste better over ice, and garnishes always make things look nicer.

If you prefer pulpy orange juice that has a hint of bitterness to round out the edges, then you’ll adore this simple mixed drink. 
It’s not eye-twitching sour, but there is a distinct bitter flavor to it. If you try it and find it to be too abrasive, cut back on (or leave out) the ginger next time.

I don’t know how to describe this drink other than to say it’s like lemon-flavored orange juice that’s been spiked with vodka and had half the spice rack thrown in for good measure. 
When I put it like that, it might not sound terribly appetizing, but believe it or not, it’s actually quite delectable and 100% refreshing.

Here’s yet another variation on the classic Aperol spritz. This one uses strawberries, basil leaves, sugar, Prosecco, Aperol, club soda, ice, and garnishes.
It’s not as crisp and clean as the original because the strawberry flavor is overly sweet, but if you like fun, fruity drinks, you’ll appreciate this one.

The confident man is a variation of the Paloma cocktail, but you’ll use vodka instead of tequila and add a dash of Aperol for the extra dose of bittersweet flavor. 
If you love overly sweet, fruit-flavored drinks, this one isn’t the right choice for you, but if you like cocktails that’ll make your lip curl up at one side, give this one a shot.

Italy meets Mexico in this slightly spicy mishmash of a margarita and an Aperol spritz. It’s tangy with plenty of orange taste and a little bit of heat. 
It’s not a drink that everyone will love, but if you have a thing for zesty margaritas or enjoy experimenting with peppers, you’ll probably dig it.

This drink doesn’t taste anything like the typical Manhattan to me, but that’s what the recipe calls it, so I’ll call it the summer Manhattan, as well. 
It’s more sweet than tart, and it has an odd, almost Coca-Cola-like color that makes it easy to overlook.
Still, it’s a relatively strong drink with a sweetly mild flavor. Give it a shot if you’re into that kind of thing.

It tastes like a bittersweet, tangy orange fruit punch, and it looks like Halloween in a glass. Yep. It’s safe to say that I am 100% here for the Halloween spritz. 

If the Aperol spritz and a traditional margarita had a baby, the Aperol margarita cocktail would be that baby. It’s citrusy, tangy, and icy cold. 
If you’re looking for a refreshing drink to cool you down on a hot day, this is it.

I like to joke that the Aperol and soda is Italy’s version of the Crown and Coke, only the Aperol and soda is much sweeter and fruitier. 
It’s really just sweetened, slightly watered-down Aperol. 
However, if you love the aperitif’s orange flavor but can’t quite get behind its herby bitterness, this drink is the solution to that problem.

All you’ll need to make this 2-minute cocktail is Aperol, sweet vermouth, club soda, and an orange peel garnish. 
This drink is relatively dry despite the sweet vermouth, but it’s cool and invigorating, especially on a hot summer’s day.

I actually love this somewhat dry, pretty-in-pink mixed drink, although I was in the minority when my friends and I all decided to try it. 
It has this delightfully sweet and sour taste that you usually only get from sour candy, but there’s an underlying herb flavor that takes some getting used to for some people.
I, on the other hand, took to it instantly. It’s a fantastic drink if you want something light and not too sweet.

Sometimes, a simple cocktail isn’t what you’re craving; instead, dessert drinks are the treats on your mind.
That’s precisely what this brilliantly red and white masterpiece is. 
You’ll make it with thyme, sugar, Aperol, raspberries, vanilla ice cream, and club soda.
Like all the best floats, it perfectly combines the sweet with the tart and the creamy with the bubbly.
Plus, the colors of this one are gorgeous, it would look great for Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

All you’ll need to make this light and fruity, four-ingredient drink is Aperol, Prosecco, tangerine La Croix (or soda water), and pomegranate juice. 
It’s colorful, bubbly, fruity, and fun, and I highly recommend using the La Croix if you can find it. The additional tangerine taste plays so well with the other fruit flavors.