Deliciously addictive, these fun Super Bowl cookies are the perfect platter to serve up on game day.
First begun in 1966, the Super Bowl is over 50 years old, so you might need some new inspiration for your game day snacks.
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There are 20 different (but equally irresistible) cookies to choose from on this list. And your guests will love them all.
From sugar cookies to cookie cups, from whoopie pies to cookie bars, all your cookie-related dreams are about to come true.
And if that sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry.
The Super Bowl is a time for watching your team, not the oven, so these recipes are super easy, quick, and convenient.
There’s even a no-bake option if you can’t face turning on the stove.
Football-themed and very festive, these cookies will help you celebrate if your team wins.
And if they don’t, well, you’ll have cookies, so you’re still a winner.

Decorated like mini-footballs, these adorable cookies are the perfect addition to your game day table.
They’re crisp sugar cookies, shaped into an oblong, and dressed up with both chocolate and vanilla frosting.
Cute and crafty, these would be a good project for kids – make them ahead of the party and get little fans involved!

Inspired by a Panera Bread recipe, these restaurant-worthy cookies are a guaranteed hit.
They’re called kitchen sink cookies because you can throw almost anything into them. 
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Once you’ve whisked up the cookie dough base, it’s time to get creative. 
Add chocolate chips, pretzels, toffee bits, and a sprinkle of sea salt as the recipe suggests, or go wild with your own favorites.
Now’s the time to use up your holiday candy if you have any left over!

Colorful and fun, these eye-catching cookies will get you noticed.
They’re sugar cookies, artfully decorated with frosting and sprinkles to recreate a game day scene.
You will need a steady hand for the artwork involved, but it’ll be worth it when your guests are swooning over them.

Less like a cookie and more like a decadent dessert, the cookiedilla is as extreme as the name suggests.
Prepare to eat a monstrous amount of chocolate chip cookie dough, marshmallow creme, and chocolate fudge sauce, all squished together in a cookie sandwich.

Nothing beats a classic chocolate chip cookie.
These are the chunky kind. Which is much better in my book, because you get a more satisfying chocolate chip to cookie ratio.
Buttery, soft, and loaded with pieces of Ghirardelli chocolate, these are simply heavenly.
Add in some nuts if you’re looking for extra crunch or just enjoy them as they are – gooey, chewy, and yummy.

Easy but impressive, these Oreo-filled footballs are a dreamy team treat.
Blend together Oreos and cream cheese, shape into footballs, and coat with chocolate. Easy!

Sports-mad bakers will love these creative cups.
They’re made with vanilla buttercream, candy melts, and almonds, all beautifully assembled to look just like the football field (complete with goal posts).

You can’t go wrong with the classics, and these nutty cookies will please everyone at the party.
Rich, buttery, and chewy, they’re gorgeously addictive with a caramel aftertaste that lingers long after the last bite.

Soft, doughy, with a creamy, gooey center – is there anything better than just-baked whoopie pies?
Yes! Chocolate whoopie pies that are shaped like mini-footballs!

No-one really knows where these cookies get their name. 
But I’m going to assume it’s because cowboys took them on the trail to give them the energy they needed for the hike.
You’ll need lots of energy to cheer on your term, so they’re practically a requirement for game day. 
Made with oats, chocolate chips, brown sugar, and vanilla, they’re satisfyingly sweet.

These easy cookies are made with just 7 ingredients and are ready in 20 minutes.
They’re ideal for fuss-free parties. Just mix together the ingredients, chill, and eat!

Toffee-tasting cookie bars, topped with a thick layer of chocolate, they’re the ultimate party snack.
These touchdown treats taste a lot like heaven.

Sweet is great, but sometimes, you’ll need a little savory to balance it out.
Give your guests a salty snack with these yummy, crunchy clusters. They’re made with crushed potato chips and are completely addictive.

Three ingredients and no baking? These are my kind of cookies.
Crushed Oreos are mixed with cream cheese and shaped into snowballs. It’s that easy!

A fun option for crafty bakers, these cute cookies look like teeny, tiny hot dogs.
Red-colored cookie dough is shaped into hot dogs and baked. Plain cookie dough is shaped into buns and baked. Do you see where this is going?
Assemble the two together, drizzle with a smear of yellow frosting ‘mustard’ and you’ll have mini-dogs!

If you can’t decide between pretzels and cookies, I have some good news.
Have both with this incredible recipe. Salty, sweet, and perfectly crunchy, they have to be tasted to be believed.

Candies, peanut butter, and cookie dough make up these delectable treats.
This isn’t a recipe, it’s a match made in heaven. Everyone will flip for these cookies.

These Heath Bar cookies taste just like melted, gooey toffee.
Packed with pieces of Heath Bar candy, they’re a delicious alternative to the store-bought snack.

If you have kids at the game day party, you might want to ration these treats.
Loaded with M&M candies, they’re sure to disappear quickly!

If you love cookies, but you also love tarts, game day can be a dilemma.
Luckily, this recipe gives you the best of both so you don’t have to make that Sophie’s choice. 
Peanut butter cups are pressed into still-warm cookie dough as it sets.
This creates a tart-like effect where the cookie encases the cup and turns it into a mini-pie.
There’s a buttery soft cookie on the outside, and soft peanut butter and chocolate on the inside. Eating this is more exciting than a touchdown.

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