Whether you give them out for Halloween night treats or serve them at your next fall party, Halloween cookies are always fun and tasty. 
Most of the time, they’re easy to create, as well. You can decorate them so that they’re creepy, spooky, eerie, or adorably cute.
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Halloween is whatever you make it, after all!

Personally, I’m crazy about the holiday. I love everything about it, so limiting myself to even 30 Halloween cookie recipes was tough.
I could’ve probably done 60 or 90 and not blinked an eye.
I thought 30 was probably enough for most non-Halloween-addicted people, though, so that’s where I stopped. I hope you like my choices!

If you’re looking for Halloween cookies you can turn into a fun family project, check out these monster eyeball cookies. 
They’re simple to make, and you’ll only need six ingredients. They’re also a ton of fun for the whole family.
There’s no limit to the variations of eyes you can make. 

Here’s another option for making fun and creepy eyeball cookies. These use Vanilla Wafers as a base, so the ingredients are a little easier to find. 
They have the same decorative appearance, although the flavor is a bit different.
Either way, both sets of eyeball cookies taste great, and the kids will love them.  

Three-ingredient mummy pops are where cake pops meet cookies. 
You’ll start with Oreos, dipping each one in white chocolate and then decorating them with eyes and white chocolate drizzle.
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Stick each one on a sucker stick, and you’ll have cute little mummy pops that are tasty and convenient to eat while on the go. 

If you’re like me, you’ll like anything you can make with five ingredients or less, and you can make these sweet and crunchy ghost cookies with only three. 
The inside of each ghost is a Milano cookie (Nutter Butters work, too!).
You’ll dip your cookie in melted white chocolate and add mini-chocolate chips for the eyes and a mouth. 
It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to make nearly four dozen of these easy-to-make snacks.

Of course, if you prefer mummies to ghosts, you could always make these Milano mummies instead. 
They’re just as easy as the ghosts, and those black pearl sprinkles make magnificent eyes. (
Nutter Butters will also work, but they don’t look as great with these as they do with the ghosts.)

Maybe it was because the owl in The Secret of Nimh traumatized me as a kid, or perhaps it’s just their eerie calls, but owls have always been incredibly creepy and Halloween-like to me. 
That’s why these owl cookies are so appropriate for the season. Plus, they’re adorable.
They look precisely like little owls with their M&M eyes and almond beaks. 
They taste great, too – lightly sweet with a wonderful nuttiness that’s hard not to love. 

These may not look Halloween-esque, but peanut butter cups are the ultimate Halloween treat.
And these are simply peanut butter cups in cookie form. They are exceptional. 
Each is a nutty, crumbly peanut butter cookie with a miniature peanut butter cup in the center. It’s sheer decadence, and you will love it. 

If you prefer chocolate chip cookies to peanut butter but still want the delectable peanut butter cup in the center of each cookie, use this recipe instead. 

These are the spookiest, kookiest, and creepiest cookies ever.
They look like something from a bad sci-fi movie where hundreds of alien eyes are staring at you from a disturbing pile of goo.
Plus, they’re scrumptious with double chocolate yumminess. What’s not to love!? 

I know, I know. These are just another version of colorfully coated Oreo cookies. I can’t help myself.
I adore all these easy Oreo recipes because they’re so simple and so much fun!
These really do look like cute, multi-colored monsters, and your kids will have a blast helping you decorate them. (They’ll enjoy eating them even more.)

Crunchy and exploding with butterscotch flavor, haystacks are always delicious. Once you add a sweet candy pumpkin to each one, they’ll look fantastic, too. 

With a bit of green food coloring, you can turn those pumpkin haystacks into monster haystacks instead. The recipe for these is a little different, though. 
You’ll need white chocolate, pretzels, lo mein noodles, peanut butter, green food coloring, and candy eyes. 
Despite their differences, the process for making them is essentially the same. 

These cookies, too, look like they’re a lot of work, but with the right cookie cutters, they’re pretty effortless.
They’re also crunchy, chocolatey, and 100% festive. 

Even if you don’t like Oreos, you’ll love these 15-minute, no-bake witch hat cookies because of how easy they are to make and because they’re so charming. 
Each one is simply an Oreo topped with a Hershey’s Kiss.
You’ll add a bit of icing and the yellow tip off a piece of candy corn for a hatband and buckle, but honestly, these take very little work. 
And did I mention how adorable they are?

I hope you’re not tired of Oreo recipes yet because here’s another one. 
All you’ll need for this one are Oreos, green candy melts, green M&Ms, candy eyes, chocolate jimmies, pretzels, black frosting, and popsicle sticks to hold them in place. 
It doesn’t get much sweeter, tastier, or more festive than these funky Frankensteins.

These 60-calorie, gluten-free cookies are messy, nutty, sugary sweet, and delightfully crunchy.
Each one is covered in powdered sugar for extra yumminess, and kids and parents alike will love them.

These rich, chewy cookies are so soft that they almost fall apart when you pick them up. 
They’re just like chocolate chip cookies, except instead of chocolate chips, they contain chunks of chocolate and toffee candy bars (either Heath or Skor will work). 

Although you’ll want a few extra things to help decorate these cookies and give them an extra dose of flavor, you could make them with only four ingredients. 
Like all good Italian shortbread cookies, these only need flour, confectioner’s sugar, butter, and eggs.
Since I decorate mine like little pumpkins (similar to the picture), I also add pumpkin spice.
It gives them a wonderfully bold, spicy flavor and makes them smell incredible. 

Of all the cookies in the world, Twix cookies are some of my favorites. 
They’re simple – but flavorful – shortbread cookies, but you’ll top them with a layer of creamy caramel and another layer of rich milk chocolate. 
Biting into one of these is like biting into a real Twix, but better, and yes, I 100% mean that.
It’s not often I say something is better than the real thing, but these cookies are. 

If you love chunky, crispy, shortbread cookies, boo bites are the cookies for you.
They’re quick and easy to make, and you’ll love the orange, black, purple, and green sprinkles in every bite. 

With the right equipment, these Oreo spider web cookies take practically no effort to make.
And no, you don’t need artistic baking talent to get them right, as they’re insanely simple. 
If you’re looking for something bright and attractive to liven up your Halloween goodies table, these are what you need. 

These are even easier to make than the Oreo spider webs, and they give you the pleasure of mixing sweet with salty, which is always a winning combination. 
They require absolutely no cooking — just a tiny bit of assembling that shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. 

These are just thick, chewy sugar cookies, but they look next-level awesome with all the black and orange sprinkles. 
This recipe is 100% adaptable. Use red and green for Christmas, red and pink for Valentine’s Day, green and white for St. Paddy’s Day, etc.

Okay, so these aren’t necessarily “Halloween cookies,” but they’re so crispy, creamy, sweet, and crunchy that no one will care. 
Plus, you can make them with only five ingredients in about 15 minutes, and that’s extremely hard to beat. 

I’m not sure that I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t love good, old-fashioned sugar cookies, which is precisely what these tasty treats are.
And if you’re worried about not being able to shape them correctly, don’t be.
They’re simple circles with a few strategic adjustments. You’ll be able to make them with no problem.

All you’ll need to make these hella cool witch’s broomstick cookies (which, incidentally, also make excellent Harry Potter broomstick cookies) are pretzel rods and a few standard baking ingredients. 
They’re basically sugar cookies coated in melted chocolate and stuck on the end of a pretzel.
They’re sweet, salty, rich, and crunchy, and you won’t find anyone who won’t like them.

You can whip up a batch of these sweet, festive cookies in under 30 minutes, and you’ll only need the most fundamental ingredients to do it.
These have all the chewy, chocolatey goodness of chocolate chip cookies, but they’re even better because they have an extra dose of pure sugary sweetness to them, thanks to the candy corn.
Plus, they look amazing.

Some of my favorite recipes are those where I don’t have to cook anything and can just take things I already love and combine them to make something new. 
That’s precisely what I do with these beastly little bats. 
With nothing more than miniature peanut butter cookies, broken Oreos, some candy eyes, and peanut butter to make everything stick, you can work a little Halloween magic.

Technically, these are pudding cups, but you’ll make the tombstones from Milano cookies and the dirt from Oreos, so it still makes sense on this list. 
(Plus, I love these and wasn’t going to leave them off!)
If you like chocolate, pudding, and whipped cream, trust me when I say you’ll love these, too.
You’ll also get to have a lot of fun decorating them however you like.  

This delectable Halloween pizza is one giant cookie a la Great American Cookie Co. You’ll start with an oversized peanut butter cookie. 
Then, you’ll top it with caramel, M&Ms, whipped cream, marshmallows, candy corn, or anything else you like to make it as Halloween-themed as possible. 
It’s easy to make, but it goes fast at parties, so if you’re making it for a large gathering, you might want to make two. 

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