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10 Easy Puff Pastry Breakfast Recipes – NutriVoz

There is never a bad time to enjoy puff pastry, as anyone who’s tried these puff pastry breakfast recipes (or puff pastry desserts, puff pastry appetizers, etc.) can attest.
Puff pastry is the best. It’s one of those things that makes everything taste better. And that includes breakfast, whether you prefer yours sweet or savory. 
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There are only 10 recipes on this list, but they show you how versatile puff pastry breakfast recipes can be.
You can make everything from French toast to baked eggs with it. 
So give these a try, and you just might find a new favorite breakfast for you and your family. 

Pizza for breakfast? Yes, please! And if that breakfast pizza has a flaky puff pastry crust, bacon, eggs, cheese, and chives, that’s even better!
This one combines several breakfast favorites into one flavorful package, and it doesn’t get much better than that. 

These sweet and savory breakfast pockets feature buttery, golden-brown puff pastry crusts surrounding fillings of sausage, apples, and cheese. 
They’re like a sausage and cheese biscuit from your favorite restaurant, only with better crusts and the sweet crispness of apples thrown in for good measure.  

You know how good pigs-in-a-blanket are, right?
Now imagine a breakfast-friendly version of them with sausage, eggs, and gooey, melted cheddar cheese. 
Everything, from the lovely golden crust to the parsley sprinkled atop the egg wash, is insanely tasty and complements everything else perfectly. 
As a bonus, these take only 10 minutes to prepare and another 15 to cook.
They’re an excellent option for those rushed mornings when you need something quick to take with you on your commute.
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And if you’re frequently running late in the mornings, you can assemble these ahead of time, cutting your total morning cook time down to just 15 minutes! 

I never even considered trying to make French toast with puff pastry until I ran across this fantastic recipe.
Whether you eat it plain, with powdered sugar, or prefer to drench it in syrup or honey, you can’t beat this crispy, flaky French toast. 
Plus, it’s super simple to make, requiring only four ingredients – puff pastry sheets, eggs, vanilla, and cinnamon sugar.  

These bite-sized cups are buttery, cheesy, and stuffed with bacon and eggs. 
They’re easy to make, even easier to eat, and practically mess-free, making them ideal for breakfasts on the go.
The only problem is that it’s tough to stop once you taste that first one. 

If you prefer your breakfast options to be a bit sweeter – or you’re looking for a phenomenal brunch idea – these fruit and cream cheese breakfast pastries are just the things. 
The sanding sugar adds a light sweetness to the already delicious puff pastry crust, and the cream cheese filling and lemon ingredients add just enough tanginess to give them a kick.
Fill them with your favorite fruits and berries for a lovely, elegant, and delectable breakfast treat. 

Who said tarts couldn’t be (at least somewhat) healthy?!
These breakfast tarts are full of things that are good for you, like asparagus, eggs, shredded cheese, and prosciutto. 
(Hey, prosciutto has tons of protein! When eaten in moderation, it is pretty good for you!)
Now imagine all that yumminess on a buttery, flaky puff pastry crust. Yep, it’s as good as you’re picturing it. 

These puff pastry hand pies may look like a hot mess, but they taste like something from heaven.
They’re extra cheesy, overflowing with juicy sausage, and a little earthy and herby from the egg and fennel seeds. 

This puff pastry baked eggs dish is for those who like to keep things simple.
All you’ll need for the pastry part is puff pastry dough, an egg, and some water. 
The eggs require a few more ingredients – eggs, shredded cheese, bacon bits, parsley, salt, and pepper – but you probably already have all of that sitting around the kitchen. 
It takes 10 minutes to prepare this dish and another 30 to cook it. Then it needs to cool down for about 10 minutes before you eat it. 
In short, it’s not something you can make on busy mornings, but it certainly does taste good.

Eating healthy is a noble goal, and we should all do it more often.
On some days, though, you’ll just want a sticky, icing-covered, flaky crust cream cheese danish.
Whether you use chocolate chips, jam, or jelly to add flavor to these treats, there’s no denying they aren’t that great for you. 
But when something tastes this scrumptious, sometimes, you’ll just have to bite the bullet and tell yourself you’ll do better tomorrow.