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20 Classic Highball Cocktails to Try – NutriVoz

In the mood for something simple and boozy? Try one of these delicious highball cocktails.
They don’t have elaborate ingredients, but they always deliver.
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20 Simple Highball Cocktail Recipes to Drink All Summer
Traditionally, highball cocktails are a combination of a single spirit (usually whiskey) and a mixer, such as soda water or club soda.
But the concept has evolved over the years. And now there are thousands of highball variations out there.
Many still contain the one-on-one ratio, while a few maverick recipes add a couple more.
But don’t worry, they’re all insanely good.

This is such a fun twist on the traditional highball.
It’s still a blend of whiskey and club soda with plenty of ice! But you’ll also add green tea for a delightfully fresh flavor.
Ingredients: brewed green tea, whiskey, club soda, lemon wedge & mint sprig (for garnish)

Campari is an Italian apéritif liqueur with tons of flavor.
And while there are a lot of Campari cocktails to choose from, this one highlights the bitter, citrussy, and lightly spiced notes just right.
The bubbles really bring it to life. And feel free to add a squeeze of fresh orange juice too.
Ingredients: Campari, soda water, ice

The Hana Hana highball is a light cocktail made with Japanese shochu, a premium spirit distilled from sugar cane and rice.
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Nankai Shochu has clean, floral notes, and it’s a terrific replacement for vodka.
Nankai Gold, on the other hand, still has light floral flavors, but it’s cask-aged, giving it malty aromas with hints of chocolate.
Ingredients: Nankai Shochu/Gold, soda water, lemon juice

This is the first highball that purists may not like.
It doesn’t have two ingredients – it has six if you include the garnish. But those extras are syrups and spices, so it still counts in my book!
And boy, what a highball it is! With lots of fig flavor and a nice touch of spice, this cocktail is a keeper.
Ingredients: Amaro Nonino, fig syrup, lemon juice, allspice dram, sparkling apple soda, fresh fig (for garnish)

The Dark & Stormy is a super popular drink. In fact, it’s one of my all-time faves – and for good reason.
If you’ve ever made a Moscow Mule, you’ll know it’s a simple mix of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer.
Well, this version makes one simple swap (vodka for rum), and trust me when I say it makes ALL the difference.
Ingredients: dark rum, ginger beer, lime juice, ice, lime wedge (for garnish)

The smoked fruit garden highball takes a little more effort than others. But it’s so worth it!
Dark rum and Pisco serve as the base, while the real treat is the smoked fruit. 
Fresh peaches and watermelon add sweetness, and the hint of smoke is perfection. This will be a hit this summer!
Ingredients: dark rum, Pisco, lemon juice, mint simple syrup, smoked peaches, smoked watermelon, tiki bitters, smoked sea salt (for the rim) 

One look at that picture, and you just know this is a must-make.
You’ll sweeten fresh chrysanthemum tea with a touch of honey, then mix in some whiskey.
And the ice? All you do is freeze edible flowers in your ice cube tray. Easy peasy.
Ingredients: Chivas Regal, sweetened chrysanthemum tea, ice

If you thought that Dark & Stormy sounded good, just wait until you taste this!
It’s just as spiced and loaded with rum. But you’ll also add grapefruit juice and a bit of simple syrup to balance it out.
That added citrus is so refreshing.
Ingredients: grapefruit juice, lime juice, agave syrup, white rum, ginger beer, grapefruit & lime slices (for garnish)

It doesn’t get more classic (or delicious) than a rum and coke. Add a twist of lime, and this Cuba Libre transports you to the tropics! 
It’s such a simple blend, but the rum you use really does make a difference,
So, try to use Cuban rum if possible. There’s just nothing better.
Ingredients: lime juice, Cuban rum, Coca-Cola, ice, lime wedge (for garnish)

This is one unique drink that matcha lovers will go crazy for.
If you love green tea ice cream, or matcha in general…this is the drink for you!
You’ll notice it has almond milk in the mix. But trust the process and give it a shot. I think you’ll like it.
Ingredients: whiskey, lemon juice, honey syrup, matcha powder, almond milk, lemon wheel (for garnish)

Here’s a delightful cocktail you can enjoy any time of year. 
That blushed pink hue is perfect for the summer. But the spicy-sweet, floral flavor of the Sorrel makes it just as welcome over the holidays.
Plus, there’s ginger beer in the mix for a deeper spiced finish. Yum!
Ingredients: white rum (Ten To One White), Sorrel syrup, lime juice, ginger beer

Peaches and whiskey are a classic southern pairing. 
I mean, how can you beat sweet, juicy peaches with a kick of booze? And this one calls for real fruit, too, so the flavor is out of this world.
Make it once, and you’ll soon be sipping this drink all summer long.  
Ingredients: fresh peaches, whiskey, ginger ale

You’ll notice a lot of these highball cocktails call for ginger beer (or ginger ale).
That’s because soda water doesn’t add anything but bubbles. But if you want something more complex with fizz, ginger beer is your best friend.
And this cocktail is proof!
Spicy-sweet with a kick of citrus, it’s irresistible.
Ingredients: whiskey, Cointreau, ginger ale, orange slices (for garnish)

Okay, we have to talk about the classic whiskey highball. It’s the one that started all the highball craze, after all. 
Since it’s just whiskey and soda, you’ll want to pick something top quality. The alcohol is front and center to make sure it’s a brand you like.
If you love whiskey, this is the easy sipper you’ve been looking for.
Ingredients: whiskey, soda water, ice, lemon wedge (for garnish)

If you’re not a whiskey lover, you can still enjoy a classic highball.
The Gin Rickey is as easy as they come. And you can easily change the flavors depending on the type of gin you use.
For example, Empress Gin will give this a delicate taste with notes of black tea, while London Gin gives you a boost of botanical goodness.
Ingredients: gin, lime juice, club soda

If you’re looking for an irresistible highball cocktail that’s a little lighter, try this. The Kitty highball has less alcohol but even more flavor. 
It’s made with red wine, so it’s great for any wine lovers out there. It also means it’s not as alcohol-forward as some of the others.
Plus, you can’t beat that color!
Ingredients: red wine, ginger syrup, lime juice, ice, soda water

The Bermuda highball is a little different than others. Sorry purists, but it calls for three different types of alcohol!
So yeah, it’s a strong one!
But don’t worry, everything marries well in the glass, leaving you with a cool, sweet, and citrussy drink for the summer.
Ingredients: brandy, gin, dry Vermouth, ginger ale, lemon twist (for garnish)

If your main goal when making a cocktail is to be refreshed, then I have just the thing!
Coconut water is such a terrific cocktail ingredient, and it shines in this super simple highball cocktail recipe.
The recipe calls for overproof rum, but feel free to use any dark rum you like.
Ingredients: overproof rum, coconut water

Scots Gold Red Label is a stunning scotch whisky (without an ‘E’ because it’s distilled in Scotland).
It lends flavors of apple, vanilla, honey, and spice to this drink. And you’ll be amazed at how well all that plays with the Earl Grey tea.
If you love tea and cocktails, this is the ultimate drink for you. Enjoy it on a hot day or a cozy night. Either way, you’ll love it.
Ingredients: Scots Gold Red Label, Earl Grey tea, lemon juice, ginger beer, orange wedge (for garnish)

Give me ice cream and a cocktail, and I’m up for anything. Plus, who doesn’t love a root beer float? 
This boozy version, with cherry bitters, toasted bourbon, and Ballotin chocolate mint, is guaranteed to hit the spot.
And the vanilla ice cream is the cherry on top!
Ingredients: toasted bourbon, Ballotin chocolate mint whiskey, spiced cherry bitters, root beer, vanilla ice cream & cherry (for garnish)