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25 Best Keto Starbucks Drinks – NutriVoz

Low-carb yet creamy and delicious, these keto Starbucks drinks are even better than the real deal.
Unlike coffee chain beverages, you know exactly what’s in these – energy-boosting protein, healthy fats, all-natural sugars, and a whole lot of frothy goodness.
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The keto diet is all about whole foods. Processed carbs are out, and healthy, nutritious ingredients are in! 
All the Starbucks classics are here. So whether you have a longing for a latte or are going mad for a macchiato, I have you covered.
From salted caramel mochas to rich, chocolate frappuccinos, you can enjoy dessert-like drinks without ruining your diet.
Blend them up at breakfast or save them for a snack, be your own barista with these tempting treats!

Light but creamy, you can’t beat a good frappuccino.
This keto version contains just 5 ingredients, making it the perfect grab n’ go breakfast.
You’ll need coffee, almond milk, cream, vanilla, and a keto-sweetener for this dreamy drink. 
Once you’ve got it down, play with your flavors – adding cocoa, mint, or vanilla for even more deliciousness.

Fruity and creamy, this eye-catching drink looks and tastes like summer.
First featured on the Starbucks’ ‘secret’ menu, the pink drink is a berry-laden smoothie. 
This version contains just 5 ingredients, making it quick and easy to whip up at home.
It’s deliciously different and made with strawberries, cream, and a fruity herbal tea. 
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Following the success of Starbucks’ Pink Drink, the chain introduced its cousin, the White Drink.
This one’s also made with tea – a peach-flavored herbal brew that blends perfectly with vanilla syrup and cream for an irresistible frozen favorite.

If you’ve ever had a caramel macchiato, you know it’s like a dessert in a mug.
This keto-compliant recipe is full of intense treacly flavor, without the sugary carbs.
It’s made with espresso, almond milk, and sugar-free syrup. Serve it iced for a drool-worthy way to beat the heat.

Nothing gets me more excited about winter than salted caramel mochas.
But the ones from Starbucks are almost too intensely sweet.
This recipe dials back the sugar to give you a filling mocha that’s full of caramel flavor, without being sickly.

Full of fall flavor, this sweet and tangy drink is divine.
It tastes just like a bowl of warm apple crisp and a steaming mug of coffee, all in a tall glass of yum.
Made with apple juice, oat milk, and espresso, it’s creamy yet spicy with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.

You can’t beat the classics, and my go-to Starbucks is always a chocolatey frappuccino.
The ultimate cooler on a warm summer day, it’s frothy, chocolatey, and topped with piles of whipped cream – what’s not to love?!

If your plain old chocolate frappuccino doesn’t have enough rich cocoa goodness, level it up to a double chocolate chip.
This frosty favorite is made with two different types of chocolate for a snack that’ll satisfy the most zealous chocaholic.
The combination of chocolate chips and chocolate syrup makes this frappuccino taste just like candy.
You’ll be amazed that it’s keto diet-friendly and low-carb!

Mix up your frappuccino game with this delicious minty version.
Flavored with mint extract, it’s a great idea for the holiday season. And, because it’s colored green too, you can recycle the recipe for St Patrick’s Day!

This comprehensive recipe gives you three ways to enjoy your keto latte – plain, mocha, or cinnamon.
They’re all made from a rich, creamy base of smooth cashews, almond milk, and heavy cream.
But there are also some handy cook’s tips on how to customize your cup.
The cinnamon is my favorite!
Made with heavy cream, golden monk fruit sweetener, cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg, it’s the perfect drink to get you in the mood for the holidays.

By the end of August, there are three words on everyone’s lips – pumpkin, spice, latte.
Arguably the best thing about fall, this signature drink isn’t off-limits if you’re keto.
Try this diet-friendly version, made from dark espresso, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spices, and almond milk.
Add cocoa butter to turn it ‘bulletproof’ and play around with the toppings.
Whipped cream is a must, but you could also add a sprinkling of cocoa, cinnamon and/or nutmeg.

Rich, creamy, and refreshing, this addictive latte is a fun fall shake.
It has all the hallmarks of a great pumpkin latte – pumpkin puree, dark coffee, frothy milk – but swirled together and poured over ice.

Keep yourself fuelled for whatever the day brings with this caffeine-lovers delight.
It’s a frosty blend of coffee, almond milk, cream, sweetener, and vanilla.
But that’s not all. The secret to this irresistible coffee is the homemade chocolate fudge sauce.
Yes, it’s keto compliant. No, you shouldn’t eat the whole batch.

Made with just a few ingredients, this is just the thing to wake you up and get you out the door on busy mornings.
Brown sugar and cinnamon lend this frothy delight a sweet-spicy taste. Heavy cream and espresso are the dreamy base. Together, they’re a winning combo!

This low-carb and low-cal latte is a dream come true for anyone watching their weight.
It’s rich without being too filling, sweet without being sickly. And best of all, it’s made with healthy ingredients.
Add chocolate and/or spices if you want to take things up a notch!

Matcha green tea is loaded with antioxidants. It’s also known to boost the metabolism, speeding up weight loss.
But this creamy cuppa is a lot more than diet food. 
Made with just 3 ingredients, it’s a quick and convenient energy booster. Just swirl together matcha powder, almond milk, and vanilla stevia.
Serve over ice and suck it down!

The minute my family turns the calendar to December, we go crazy for a peppermint mocha.
There’s just something about that blend of coffee, mint, and chocolate that kick starts the seasonal fun.
If you’re feeling grinchy, get a glass of this. Festive cheer is only a peppermint mocha away!

You might think you know how to make iced coffee. But you haven’t tried this keto iced coffee.
Ready in just a few minutes, you can customize this recipe to taste. Enjoy a plain, vanilla, or hazelnut version, as they’re all equally enticing.

You might not be able to eat cinnamon rolls on a keto diet, but you can sip them!
Get all the taste of your favorite baked treat in this fun recipe. 
Made with cinnamon, coffee, cream, and maple extract, it’s the answer to your cinnamon roll dreams!

Stop standing in line for your Starbucks hit. Feed your cravings at home with this heavenly frap.
It’s a luxuriously smooth blend of cold brew coffee, cream, stevia, and cinnamon, thickened with flax seeds for filling, healthy fats.
Blend with ice and serve with a straw for a refreshing treat that’ll keep you buzzing all day long.

Starbucks Tuxedo drink is a sweet fusion of mocha sauce and white chocolate.
This copycat recipe aims to reinvent the treat with a low-carb spin.
White chocolate is replaced with creamy cocoa butter and the mocha taste comes from cocoa powder and natural sweeteners.

Hot chocolate is great, but sometimes you want something even sweeter and creamier.
That’s when you make a mug of this incredible drink, made with white chocolate instead of dark for a more intense flavor.

Kids will go crazy for this fruity and funky frappe.
Bright with berries, it’s the ideal way to get more fruit into your little ones. There’s no coffee, just lots of strawberries, blueberries, and almond milk.

Get your caffeine kick with this oatmeal espresso and you’ll be buzzing all day.
Thick, smooth, and creamy, it’s darkly rich with hints of cinnamon and treacly brown sugar.
25. Drip, Hot, or Iced Cold Brew Coffee 
Yes, coffee is keto. The healthy bean can be enjoyed a number of ways but stay away from the sugary versions to ensure it’s keto-compliant.
Coffee purists love the cold brew method for its rich flavor. This is where coffee grounds are immersed in cold water and left to infuse for 12-15 hours. 
Slow drip cold brewing is another barista favorite.
This involves slowly dripping water over the grounds. It’s a longer process but gives a sharper, more intense flavor.
Easy to make, it’s a little time-consuming, but here’s a hack: set it up before bed and you’ll wake up to cold brew for your breakfast!